I will readily admit that I'm a bit of an MGP whore, and 2020 really didn't shape up to be the best year for some of the MGP releases that I was lucky enough to get my hands on. Definitely some good bottles, but nothing that blew my socks off. Enter the Traverse City Whiskey Co. Barrel Proof Single Barrel as picked by Binny's in Chicago.

1.7 (Burnt umber)


Hot caramel, some dusty bourbon notes, charred oak


Thick/oily mouthfeel, classic bourbon notes of vanilla, caramel, rye spice, just a touch of oak tannins


Loooooong Kentucky hug, rye spice, and just enough of the oak tannins to remind you that it's a 12 year bourbon

Oh man. This is the kind of MGP juice that got me chasing it in the first place. This is bourbon done extremely well. I'm pretty sure this is the low-rye MGP mash bill, but it exemplifies the best of all of the classical bourbon notes that we all know and love. Truly great and I really wish I could get a backup bottle! Fantastic stuff! Check out my IG review page and shoot me a follow over at www.instagram.com/notlawreviews !


92 / 100
0-50 Subpar 51-60 Drinkable 61-70 Decent 71-80 Good 81-90 Great 91-100 Fantastic


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