Bourbon review number friggin' one. So really, I tend to stick very close to my Single Malt Scotch, and by "very close" I mean 100% of my whisky budget is allocated to is roughly X% of my grocery budget, oh and Y% of my living expenses budget...But what happened here is that my boss gifted this damn corn juice to me for Christmas and I drank it and it turns out not *all* Bourbon tastes the same. Just most of it ;)

1.8 (Old oak)


What. Is. THIS!? This went in the complete opposite direction from what I was bracing for. Banana bread was the first thing I noticed, and it was seriously pleasant. Going beyond that however, you can tell this liquid is a baby, young sharp stuff, eager to bite. Also, if this was a blind, I would very likely have pegged it for a rye. Surely the sourced contents are of equally high rye bills. This isn't bad at all and I do understand what they're aiming for conceptually, but they missed the mark, it's a bit too chaotic in the execution. A higher proof may help pull it all together, but that's purely speculation.


For as much as the nose was chaotic, the palate is equal parts underwhelming. Thin, noncommital. Some vague honey sweetness here, although it's largely hidden behind a bitter wooden wall. Yet again tho, the rye spice is prominent. Well, maybe that's not the best word, but it's *more* prominent than anything else. It's here that I'm positive we are hindered by the lower proof, I would love to see that high rye open up at around 100(ish?)


If there was a finish this is where I would tell you about it, but you'll have an easier time finding your MSRP Pappy than you will this finish.

This is like a roller-coaster if you take out every inch of track, save for one hill. You start at the top of that hill and you're sitting there like "Ok, this might be fun, I'm kinda excited. Fire her up let's do this." All of sudden you speed down the hill way too fast; You get serious whiplash from the abrupt stop at the bottom and the carney is yelling at you to "get out because the ride is over dude" and you are left feeling so confused. The nose is the best part, I would even say you could find something to love in there. Unfortunately, everything after that nose is...kinda weird, and certainly lacking. It's not an offensive whiskey, nor is it undrinkable, but it's forgettable. The palate is a mess and the finish just clocked out early. From what I understand this is a $50-$65 bottle, hard pass considering all of the quality whisk(e)y available in that bracket. Having received it as a gift however, I could have done worse and I'll still reach for it occasionally. Also, before I get lit up, I feel I should point out that any comments aimed at bourbon were made purely in jest. Many a bourbon are superior to many single malts. Good whiskey is good whiskey.


60 / 100
0-50 Subpar 51-60 Drinkable 61-70 Decent 71-80 Good 81-90 Great 91-100 Fantastic

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