Balvenie DoubleWood 12y

Advent Calendar 2020 14/24

Reviewed by victor

Tasting 24 samples totally blind in December 2020, you can find more here. All notes except the very last few sentences are written before reveal. Disclaimer: These are all very small drams, around 1.5-2 cl each, so doing a proper tasting is challenging. I'll do my best!

1.1 (Deep copper)


A somewhat basic nose with some cooked fruits going on. They're quite hard to get a handle on, though. Thin, anonymous.


Very round and oily mouthfeel. Vanilla, oak, bananas and every so slight pepper.


Sweet. Honey, strawberries. A bit short.

Timid and subdued. Sweet, alright, just fine, not much more. Guess: 40%, mix of casks, entry level malt in a core range somewhere. Reveal: I went broad with the guess but didn't miss. I've had this many times before (as in it was a gateway Scotch for me) but it's been a while. Still a good entry level, but there are better alternatives out there for the category! Check out my other advent tastings!


69 / 100
0-50 Subpar 51-60 Drinkable 61-70 Decent 71-80 Good 81-90 Great 91-100 Fantastic

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