Ah, what the heck. Let's do another Old Pulteney.

0.8 (Deep gold)


Very distinct aroma of apple cider. Also lime, kiwi and a bit of thyme.


Here comes a big chunk of the classic Pulteney saltiness. It's not worth trying to avoid any clichés, the brine is in your face right off the bat. It's savory, citric, spicy. Not very fruity anymore.


More brine. Minerals - think slightly damp stones. Rather short finish, but warming and woody enough. The salty/mineral-y and spicy combo almost conjure some smokiness from what I assume is an unpeated whisky. Very subtle but hard to ignore completely.

Well, that was a fun ride! I hoped the whisky would bring more of the interesting cider nose. Instead, we got a very typical OP profile but turned up to 11. A bit overboard with the brine, it takes over and pushes away much of the other elements that might hide underneath. Of course, if you feel like a straight up brine bomb - go for it!


78 / 100
0-50 Subpar 51-60 Drinkable 61-70 Decent 71-80 Good 81-90 Great 91-100 Fantastic

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