Timorous Beastie 40y

Thou Maun Live!

Reviewed by victor

Named after the poem "To a Mouse", by Robert Burns. I had to look up the word "timorous", and it turns out that it means "of a timid disposition". 40 year old whiskies might often be soft and dampened, but this one here still has a hefty amount of alcoholic strength in it, so we'll see about that. I've read good things about it and picked it out for a blind tasting with the local club. It's a blended malt, semi-officially containing whisky from Dalmore, Blair Athol, Glen Garioch and Glengoyne.

0.9 (Amontillado sherry)


While not spirity and sharp, there's definitely vigor in this one. Oranges, apples, herbs, vanilla, hints of sherry notes.


Even more vigor. Lively, even! Tropical fruits and pepper. Big, a bit oily, intense.


Oh, this keeps getting better and better. Distinct but not too sharp transition from the palate. Big, fruity, fresh. A load of peaches. Marmalade. Apricots. Candlemass. Sweet, waxy, long and delicious.

40 is a respectable age, but I would never have guessed it. Didn't find much of the usual "old wood" notes at all. Instead, I got a superbly accelerating, fruity slam-dunk of a dram - and this is not a timorous beastie at all. I've had another 40 year old blended malt, the Vega 40, which is nothing like this at all. The Vega 40 is bottled at a mere 43.1% (cask strength, mind you) and is the classy, cozy grandpa in front of the fireplace. The Timorous Beastie 40 is the buff, Hawaii-shirt wearing grandpa on his way to the beach bar on a neon-colored motorcycle.


92 / 100
0-50 Subpar 51-60 Drinkable 61-70 Decent 71-80 Good 81-90 Great 91-100 Fantastic

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