Super hyped release already, with flipped auctions bottles going for north of $500. Sure, Springbank is great but a release of 8500 bottles fetching close to 5x retail price already? Damn. Must be the sherry - this is a 100% sherry matured version of the popular Local Barley releases. Anyway, while the website of the Swedish booze monopoly crumbled under the immense pressure, I was standing in line outside one of the actual stores like a good citizen. Naturally with a mask and with proper distance, and everything went orderly without injuries. I've made sure to quickly crack the bottle open just to steer clear of the temptation to flip it! I'll be co-tasting this with my esteemed namesake Victor, hereafter called Victor II. My site, my rules.


It's obviously a sherry bomb. Dark and deep. Not immediately Springbank-funky as the sherry takes the front seat. Absolutely an impressive nose - coffee, chocolate, brine, oranges, cookie dough.


Pineapples and oranges en masse, tannic, dry. Very big and fresh. Light on the peat, didn't even register it the first times. The peat does provide a sort of a nice, toasty baseline to the whole thing which works very well. Victor II summarizes the palate as front-loaded with sweetness, transitioning into some salt.


The main thing here is the tempo. Start of powerfully enough but really kicks into second (and third) gear after a bit with huge waves of spice and wine. Victor II finds some salty licorice, I myself get toasted bread and apple peels. All together with a gently fruity baseline.

I love it. Again - the sherry takes the lead on this one. It's a sherry heavy whisky with Springbank influences rather than a Springbank with sherry influences. I think it works great, as it's not overly spicy/raisiny/winey in any way, and the distillery character adds some interesting spins as always. I love the power and definitely think it's worth the hype. Maybe not 5x the price, but that's another story. Just for reference, the retail price in Sweden is the equivalent to $130, and I'm very happy that I spent some time waiting in line for this one.


92 / 100
0-50 Subpar 51-60 Drinkable 61-70 Decent 71-80 Good 81-90 Great 91-100 Fantastic

1097 SEK

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