Old Pulteney 1983 21y

Out of the Herb Garden Into the Frying Pan

Reviewed by victor

Working my way through a very fun series of Old Pulteney samples (thanks Åke). Don't know much about this one apart from what's on the bottle - 21 years old and distilled in 1983. The former core range 21 year old is great, so I have high expectations. For better or worse.

0.6 (Old Gold)


First whiff - dried fruit of the red variety. Could it be from a sherry cask? Aside from the fruitiness, there's some herbs in here along with a little maltiness. But again, mostly fruit. Figs and stewed apples, but also a delicious tinge of pineapple. I like it.


The herbs from the nose make themselves heard up front. Quite unusual, but not all all unpleasant. Oak spice and perhaps a bit less oily mouthfeel than OPs usually are. With some more time in the glass, the whisky gets a little more savory, salty and full.


Fruits, spice (again, predominantly herbal). While the palate didn't feel that oily, there's clearly a thin coat of oil left on the lips when all is said and done. Did I just kiss a newly coated frying pan?

A lot of the familiar Old Pulteney characteristics are definitely there. A balanced and multifaceted fruitiness and the oily mouthfeel, albeit delayed this time! On the other hand, the decidedly herbal traces left all over this dram was a bit new to me. I think it works well, while I'd love to get some more of the fruit to balance things out and make it a little... deeper? More complex? Anyway - a very interesting and absolutely tasty whisky. Love the mix of impressions, and I think this works just fine at 46%. I did try to add a little water, but it didn't change much.


85 / 100
0-50 Subpar 51-60 Drinkable 61-70 Decent 71-80 Good 81-90 Great 91-100 Fantastic

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