Reviewed as a sample as part of a Glenmorangie tasting night for Burns night. Classic 10 finished in Port pipes for 4 years. An upgrade on the old Quinta Ruban which was previously ages for only 2 years in Port pipes.

1.4 (Tawny)


like smelling a vat of caramel, bit of port mustyness, vanilla, toffee sweetness


the port must is what get me first, all spice/cardamon spice, burnished wood, bitter chocolate, clemantine orange. I threw the end of the glass down and got a burning matchhead taste which wasn't there throughout (Sians notes (Fiancee): carmalised citrus peel, like when you get too close to the fire, burning wood)


quite a short finish, gone as soon as its down the throat kinda thing, leaves the chocolate notes, like you've just had a square of dark chocolate

Big fan of this, Port cask done well. Port can sometimes overwhelm the whiskey when it's not done right but this one hits the nail on the head. Great for the price point. Perfect winter warmer, drink it in a big leather chair in front of a fire


85 / 100
0-50 Subpar 51-60 Drinkable 61-70 Decent 71-80 Good 81-90 Great 91-100 Fantastic


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